Venue Services

Bringing your event vision to life with end-to-end support for every requirement.

Creating an excellent event involves much more than gathering guests around a common purpose. Sparking inspiration and encouraging ambition involves immersing all the senses. Engage your audience and hold the focus of your attendees by merging your creative endeavours and tactical initiatives into one consistent experience.

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As the managing operator of Jafza One Convention Centre, Dubai World Trade Centre delivers quality and variety in food for all our events. With a proven track record for award-winning catering, you can count on the perfect menu for your guests.

Become immersed in the region of your choice by being transported to a new world bite-by-bite. Our variety of cuisines span every culture, crafted by our international team of chefs.


A/V & Production

With impactful light and sound systems and dedicated audio visual teams, your event is sure to be spectacular and memorable.

venue signage and graphics

Signage & Graphics

From product marketing materials to wayfinding signs for your event, our design and branding teams take care of every consideration.

event planning design and decor

Décor Design & Setup

Based on your desired outcome, our interior design and installation teams work together to deliver the perfect setting for you and your guests.

venue service with wifi and telecoms

WiFi, Telecoms & Data

Along with standard WiFi, we offer specialised services that include live feed broadcasts, video streaming and point-of-sale lines.

venue security and equipment

Security & Equipment

Our security and staff offer 24 hour services for, including surveillance, X-ray baggage screening and emergency services.

venue parking and traffic management

Parking & Traffic Management

In coordination with local road authorities, we'll ensure a hassle-free on-site experience, bringing your guests to the venue comfortably.


Dubai World Trade Centre is our managing operator

Dubai World Trade Centre is known for its comprehensive events management, services and award-winning catering.